Frequently asked questions

Where are you based?

Environmental Social Work LLC and it's counterparts @the_environmentalsocialworker and are created and run by me, G., LMSW out of Connecticut, USA.

Can I customise an order?

Of course! I would love to add any details you are interested in. Feel free to message me on the contact page.

What is Environmental Social Work LLC?

I started @the_environmentalsocialworker last year and created the Environmental Social Work LLC (a civic and social organization) with the following business purpose, "An advocate for Environmental Justice through seeking innovations that bring together varying professionals. Asks Social Workers to engage with STEM and promote STEM as an integral component to the professional practice of Social Work." Join the Feedback Loop!

Why are you selling Art?

I use this space as one for community and to display the innovateive ways I use my Masters in Social Work to promote Environmental Justice. Artistic Reuse or Upcycling is just an example of how we all support sustainability through the means we have access too. There is not one way to patricipate in sustainability and many of the common ways are costly.