I am an advocate for Environmental Social Work (see @the_environmentalsocialworker) and artist ( @_g.francis ), I started In fine arts school in Boston before transitioning to Policy Practice Social Work. The Social Work Professional governing theory “Person-In-Environment PIE” (sometimes called Systems Theory) and innovative design for ecosystems is my interest- I want social workers to realize just how important and useful our theory, essentially to widen the scope of practice through setting an example. When academics can guide the audience through Facts (statistical analysis) and at the same time frame, the concept which might bring pause to some in an eloquent way has always moved me. the environment is such a hard topic to research in the traditional way, it moves researchers to conceptualize it in a new way. There is and always will be an art of research.

Many authors have argued that social work is especially well suited to address environment-related problems. Theories or frameworks for conceptualizing environmental social work have included deep ecology (Ungar, 2002), ecofeminism (Besthorn & McMillen, 2002), the ecological perspective (Shaw, 2008), and expansion of person-in-environment (Norton, 2009). Expertise in disaster response and recovery (Zakour, 1997), community organizing (Hoff & Pollack, 1993), community economic development (Pandey, 1996). 

I am interested in supporting groups at micro, macro, and mezzo levels with policy and adaptive plans. In my experience Infographics are the best approach to breaking down dense science. I am CMO at a UConn based Tech Start-Up, Aqualumos ( and this is where I get to use the skills I learned in school. This past December I created Environmental Social Work LLC, at the moment I am CEO and Creative Director in a sense I am in the process of onboarding other Social Workers- But the creation of this LLC is a way to display my Art “Upcycling” is one way I engage in sustainability ( In a way, I am attempting to use my MSW in innovative ways and cultivate creative collaboration of other social workers and those interested in Environmental Justice/ Ecology.

Knowledge: The privatization of research has changed it’s social role (Lieberwitz, 2015)

Last Summer I worked with MIT at UConn “Accelerate Uconn” we used the I-Corps framework developed and endorsed by the National Science Foundation (NSF)… Accelerate UConn leverages resources from across the University in order to provide specialized support to UConn entrepreneurs. My Tech: a database that would serve as a supportive technological tool that would alleviate the time it takes for social workers to become educated on varying variables of the Person-in-Environment theory which guides the profession’s code of ethics.

I hope that Environmental Social Work LLC can be a space to solve this problem for social work.